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Welcome to NortheastRacer

Welcome to NortheastRacer, your source for your news and information about motorsports in the Northeast United States.

We have been asked what makes NortheastRacer different. The simple answer is we don’t limit our scope to any one discipline, club or region membership, and we focus on things within a specific geographic area. So many sites and publications are either so narrow they are only one chapter of one club, or so broad they are covering national news.

NortheastRacer is geared towards being a “digital paddock”, where you can walk through and hear many conversations about different perspectives within the motorsports community.

NortheastRacer is also aimed at cross pollination between various motorsports activities. Many of us engage in more than one form of motorsports, and stlll more of us would like to. Perhaps you have toyed with the idea of taking up another discipline for some fun, but aren’t seeing schedules and information about events.

Well, here is where those schedules, race and event stories, stories of building and fabricating, or of other motorsports related interests are coming together.

NortheastRacer is not an official publication of any organization, nor do we claim to be. We are the gathering place for anyone who is interested in local motorsports.

We want to hear from YOU, the motorsports enthusiasts. We offer participation in a variety of ways, from Letters to the Editor, to submitting write ups or photographs on virtually any aspect of motorsports. We welcome insight from fabricators and builders, racers and crew, workers and tracks, be it two wheeled or four.

We especially will welcome news and information from sanctioning bodies and clubs. The more info we can gather for you, the bigger your paddock will become.

Contact us for more information or for submissions, at editor@northeastracer.com

Stephanie Funk - Editor

I’m Stephanie Funk, a native New Englander and long- time motorsports nut. My first time attending live races was at the Father’s Day races at Bryar Motorsports Park in NH. I was all of 17 at the time, which, if you’ve ever attended these races, means I was in for one hell of an awakening.

I had signed up with some friends to work a gate for the event for something like $50 for the weekend and free admission.

They put me at pit in.

I remember seeing guys coming in on their bikes with the sides of their boots scraped off and blood showing. Then they would reappear for the next session with duct tape covering it and do it again. There were no sliders or specialty boots, just leather work boots. That made quite an impression on me, as did watching the sidecar racers.

In the early 80’s, I started working at Lime Rock park in Lakeville, CT. That started a love affair for me, one that changed my life as I became immersed in the eclectic culture of the people who make up the sport of auto racing. By the late 90’s, I found myself married to my best friend, who was also a driver at the time.

I started racing myself in ’98, the same year we were married. Together, we competed in 12 and 24 hour endurance races in an Opel Manta in ITB trim. We also participated in sprint races.

I’ve been a member of SCCA, first since 1986, then after a membership lapse, since 1991. In 2005, I bought the first of what would turn out to be many Honda’s, a 1985 Civic in ITC trim. Over the years, many epic trips have ensued, with a few championships thrown in for good measure.

Recently, I have gotten back to my two wheeled passion as well, taking up the art of motorcycle track days as a way to get more seat time and to improve my skillset. It seems to be working: in 2017 we won the Northeast Conference Championship for the SCCA Majors in H- production. We capped the season off with the Runoffs, held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I could only manage 12th out of the 46, but was happy to come out with no damage, more than could be said for many. We will try again, this year in Sonoma, CA.

My other passion and career is writing. For some twenty years I have contributed to the various newsletters and magazines, such as Pit Talk (The New England Region SCCA newsletter) and Grass Roots Motorsports. I was also a journalist and columnist for the Recorder, a newspaper in western Massachusetts.

I’ve branched out into fiction as well, with many short stories and three completed manuscripts. One day, I plan to add published author to my resume.

I hope you enjoy NortheastRacer. I am looking to build a “digital paddock” where you can go to find schedules, information and insight into a variety of motorsports. Our only limit is that this is designed to cover the northeast. So many publications already cover national and world news; we plan on keeping the focus here.

I didn’t realize at first I would end up a gear head: my first (and still abiding) passion is for horses and all sorts of animals. But somehow, along the way motorsports crept in.


Robert Beaulieu - Editor


Robert Beaulieu brings a wealth of publishing experience to the pages of NorhteastRacer.

As Editor of Pit Talk, the New England Region, Sports Car Club of America's regional publication, he handled the responsibility for magazine, for over 25 years. (1975 - 1977, 1994 till 2017) .

Educated in advertising marketing and graphics, Robert was an Art Director for a leading Hifi Company before opening his own advertising agency in Boston. Robert's agency, Beau*Lieu Advertising and Design, handled many Hi Tech companies within the 495 belt of Boston, as well as a number of mortorsports projects as well. His agency speciality was identification and collateral for many start up businesses.

Always a motorsports enthusiasts (he attended his first race as spectator in 1962 while in high school), by his senior year in college, waiting till he was 21, he received a competition license with EMRA racing in his street MGA.

A two year hiatus in the Army...(remember the draft) concluded with he and his wife, Elise, moving to the Boston area, where they immediately picked up their enthusiasm of Road Racing by becoming part of the New England Region Flag and Communication team in 1972 and 1973.

Photo: Arny Spahn, Bridge Hill Studios

By 1974, the lure of the track was too much and Robert bought and attended his first drivers school, again in a MGA. By 1975 he had earned his competition license and competed every year in Regional and National events through 2003.

During this time he switched to a G Production Spitfire, where he won numerous New England and NARRC

Photo: Roz Rosintowski

championships. 2002 cumulated with a trip to the Valvoline championship runoffs at Mid Ohio, with a eleventh place finish out of 28!

Business commitments, college tuitions finally interrupted his racing for a few years, though his contact with SCCA was still extremely close, producing ten issues a year of Pit Talk as well as an occasional Autocross, Rally and Flagging

Photo: Scott Howe

responsibility as well as running a classic Spitfire in VRG. Robert Returned to the the New England Road Racing Series in 2016, renting an IT7, and 2017 renting a Formula Vee.

Hie enthusiasm, strong as ever reflects in spear-heading this new digital publication, NortheastRacer. He strongly believes in creating an outlet for racers and followers to get the latest stories, photos and general information to display their sport in it’s finest. NortheastRacer hopes to emulate the great acing magazines of 60’s and seventies, like Sports Car Graphic, Car and Driver and On-Track to name a few.

Robert looks forward to your readership and support of the publication

Photo: James Ray




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